Job title: Business Manager - North

Date joined:
February 2013

Role: Julie supports brokers in the North with their clients' funding needs, so will be the main point of contact if you are based in this region. With a wealth of experience Julie can offer expert advice and quickly asses whether or not the client in question is a good fit with Keystone's product range. Julie also deals with commercial enquiries, as she previously worked as a consultant in the northern team of Mortgages for Business. 

Experience: Julie has more than three decades’ experience in the mortgage market, working for RBS in various clerical and managerial roles and as a self-employed mortgage broker working closely with MFB as an appointed representative. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex residential mortgages and larger complex commercial deals, so is easily able to offer and advice and direct brokers to the best available rates.

Likes: Chocolate and wine (preferably together)
Dislikes: Bad manners

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