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  • Cheap money anyone?

    A traditional business bank takes up the fight on encroaching challenger banks resulting in some competitive commercial mortgages. Even buy to let landlords want a piece of the action, as Andy Elley explains.

  • Direct to bank or via a broker?

    In 2016 we saw many of the high street banks continue to restructure and downsize their offerings to SMEs. But how has this affected companies trying to get a commercial mortgage or refinance their business premises? Andy Elley explains.

  • A cheaper alternative to bridging finance

    If you need finance in a hurry but don’t like the rates associated with bridging loans, there is an alternative but you have to be organised. Andy Elley explains.

  • Mortgages for holiday lets

    Are holiday lets profitable? What mortgage rates are available from lenders? What deposit do I need? Andy Elley, consultant mortgage broker explains.