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Commercial Mortgages

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There are two types of commercial mortgage - a business mortgage and a commercial investment mortgage and our brokers can help you source both. We really understand the market and know when to approach a high street bank or a specialist lender for you commercial mortgage requirements.

Currently the high street lenders are offering some good rates for borrowers looking for 50% LTV or less on a repayment basis. However, you'll have to have a squeaky clean credit rating and be prepared to be patient because it can take while to get a response from their credit departments. They'll also want your business banking too.

Commercial mortgages from the specialist lenders tend to be priced higher but they don't want your business banking, will offer some interest-only payment terms and they'll lend up to 75% LTV.

In terms of industry sectors we can source commercial mortgage finance for:

  • Leisure property mortgages including:
    Mortgages for restaurants
    Mortgages for pubs
    Mortgages for cafes
    Mortgages for bars
    Mortgages for hotels
    Mortgages for B&Bs
    Mortgages for guesthouses
    Mortgages for golf clubs
    Mortgages for nightclubs
    Mortgages for casinos
    Mortgages for healthclubs
    Mortgages for spas
    Mortgages for sports and leisure facilities
  • Semi commercial mortgages including:
    Mortgages for shops with flats above
    Mortgages for offices with flats above
    Mortgages for hotels with owners' accommodation
  • Retail commercial property investment including:
    Retail units
    Retail parks
  • Office property mortgages including:
    Mortgages for offices blocks
    Mortgages for offices above shops
  • Industrial property mortgages including:
    Mortgages for light industrial units
    Mortgages for industrial parks
    Mortgages for warehouses
    Mortgages for factories
    Mortgages for storage facilities
  • Care home mortgages including:
    Mortgages for nursing homes
    Mortgages for rest homes for the elderly
    Mortgages for hospices
    Mortgages for convalescent homes
  • Professional property mortgages
    Mortgages for vetinary surgeries
    Mortgages for doctors' surgeries
    Mortgages for chambers
    Mortgages for private schools
    Mortgages for childcare nurseries
  • Agricultural mortgages
    Mortgages for farms
    Mortgages for farm buildings
    Mortgages for farm land

Whether buying commercial property for investment or trading purposes, the list of property types is endless. For more specific help and to talk through the commercial mortgage options, call our team of expert advisers today.

Application Forms
If you would like to apply for a mortgage then you can do so by clicking on our commercial mortgage application form and filling out the information requested. All our mortgage lenders accept this simplified bespoke form so we can deal with your application quickly and easily.



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