Dragonfly Property Finance

Finance available: Buy to let mortgages. Commercial mortgages. Property development finance. Short-term to medium term finance.

Access: Dragonfly Property Finance is an intermediary only lender, meaning rates can only be accessed via Mortgages for Business and a few other brokers.

Buy to let mortgages: Dragonfly’s buy to let loans are available with terms from two years to five years. As one of the specialist buy to let lenders, Dragonfly will consider ex-pats, first-time landlords and lending to SPVs.

Commercial mortgages: Commercial mortgages from Dragonfly are available with terms from one month to three years.

Property development finance: Dragonfly will consider lending to fund the development of residential houses or blocks of up to 14 flats. Dragonfly lend on the basis of the gross development value of the project, with the maximum loan to gross development value up to 70% LTV.

Short-term finance: Dragonfly Property Finance offers both standard short-term bridging loans and extended bridging facilities on both a first and second charge basis. It will lend on residential and commercial properties. It provides finance for the more unusual cases such as lending to SPVs (onshore and offshore), as ex-pats and first time landlords. Dragonfly can be a good lender for landlords with large property portfolios because it doesn’t impose any exposure limits. It is also good for landlords, investors and developers looking to finance renovations, conversions and refurbishment projects. It also offers stretch finance.

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Last updated: 02/10/2015