Can I get a mortgage on a zero-hour contract?

With more employees offering zero-hour contracts than ever before it is no surprise that the number of enquiries we receive in this regard has risen. Pete Coombes, residential mortgage broker explains what options are available to those employed on this basis.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in May 2017 there was an estimated 950,000 people in the UK working on a zero-hour contract basis. With this trend not showing any signs of slowing down it is important that mortgage lenders work towards finding solutions for those working on this basis.

Now I will point out that not every lender participates in offering mortgages to those working on a zero-hour contract, but there are options out there…

As always, requirements vary from lender to lender, but in general the lenders which will accept zero-hour contracts will require you to have:

  • 12 months’ minimum experience working on a zero-hour contract
  • Payslips from the last 12 months (minimum) and if possible a corresponding P60

There are a handful of lenders out there which will consider an application if the borrower has less than 12 months’ experience as a zero-hour contractor, so don’t panic, but do bear in mind that options will be restricted.

As far as pricing goes, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the lenders which accept applicants on zero-hour contracts do not penalise. You will have access to the same rates you would if you were employed, so no nasty shocks when it comes to pricing! 

If you want to talk through your circumstances or if you have any further questions do get in touch!

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