1.99% Fixed

Rate Type
Initial Rate
Overall Cost For Comparison (APR)
Initial Period
5 years to 31/05/2023.
Reversion Rate
% (SVR + %).
Purchase, remortgage or further advances
Min - Max Loan Amount
Min - Max Mortgage Term
5 to 35 years.
Min - Max Age
From 21 years to 70 years old.
Income Required
We have no minimum salary requirement data.
Repayment Options
Interest only or repayment.
Rent to Interest Cover
145% at 4.99%.
Acceptable property locations
England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Wight
Early Repayment Charges
6% of the amount being repaid until 31/05/2019, then 5% until 31/05/2020, then 4% until 31/05/2021, then 3% until 31/05/2022, then 2% until 31/05/2023 (10% of the balance outstanding can be repaid each year without incurring an early repayment charge.).
Arrangement Fee
£1,995 due on completion.
Broker Fee
A broker fee of £497 will apply for personal applications and £597 for applications made by limited companies.
Free Legals and Valuations
No fees free options are available.
If the valuation has been carried out and the property has been found to be of unsuitable security or the application does not proceed, the valuation fee will not be refunded. Pre-completion product switches require our underwriters’ prior approval - switch fees of £350 may be charged.
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