Andy Elley

Andy Elley

Job title: Head of Commercial

Date joined:
 November 2013

Speialises in: Commercial Mortgages. Complex Buy to Let. Property Development Finance.

Role: Andy heads up the commercial desk at Mortgages for Business. It is his responsibility to ensure the team are performing at their best and have the appropriate resources to do so. 

Andy also looks after his own client base, predominantly dealing with clients looking for owner occupier and commercial investment mortgages. As well as this Andy is also an expert in buy to let and property development finance and has extensive experience dealing with mortgages for care homes. He is able to offer expert financial advice and direct investors to the best possible financial solutions.

Experience: Andy has been in the financial services industry for almost two decades, spending ten years with Christie Group as a commercial mortgage broker, where he specialised in sourcing finance for businesses in the retail, leisure and care sectors. Prior to this Andy spent nine years with Natwest in a variety of roles including business manager at Bromley and Bexleyheath, where he was responsible for a portfolio of more than 300 business clients. Andy holds certificates in Money Laundering Prevention and Business Banking and Conduct (CertBB&C) and the Certificates in Mortgage advice and practice (Cemap).

Favourite film: Top Gun


FINALIST  Broker: Commercial Finance, 2018 British Specialist Lending Awards


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"All of the staff from my broker to the underwriter have been greatly helpful. Helping me with everything that I needed throughout the processing of my application until the completion. Thank you so much"  C. Bojangin. London

"Asked for information in one go. Got best available product and enabled me to complete on time." R.Walia. London


"I initially approached Mortgages for Business, after being let down by another broker. Sceptical as I was I decided to phone Andy Elley over at Mortgages for Business. That scepticism grew further when Andy told me that he had a high street lender that would lend 65 % of a going concern valuation. I explained my apprehension to Andy about paying any more money to a broker, until I could see that my application was progressing in the right direction. So it was agreed that their fee would be payable on completion and the application fee could be deferred till after we had the meeting with the high street lender. About a week later after all documentation was submitted a meeting was arranged to get Andy from the other side of the country, a local relationship manager and his lending manager together. Within 4 days of the meeting the mortgage application was submitted and the credit department had approved the application. Within two weeks a full business appraisal was completed and we had received our formal mortgage offer.

So in the end we were offered a 99.4%LTV with no arrangement fee on a rate of 3.49% on a 25 year term. We were also left in the position of not having to tie an additional £100,000.00 plus into the property which meant we could use these funds to enhance and develop our business further.

When people say things are to good to be true they normally are, but in this case I can reassure you that if Andy and his team say they can do it, they really can. I truly believe that their sector knowledge and professional is the reason deals like this are possible. I look forward to working with Andy and the team again in the future and will not consider using anyone else. If anyone is still unsure or sceptical like I was please feel free to ask Mortgages for business for my contact details and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have." Oliver Milenkovic, July 2016

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