Wendy Brown

Wendy Brown

Job title: Team Leader

Date joined:
 January 2007

Role: Wendy is case manager to Andy McOwat, but also assists John Kennon in the Wilmslow office. As these consultant mortgage brokers specialise in different fields, Wendy processes a variety of cases from complex buy to let to residential. Wendy is responsible for ensuring that once a rate has been selected the application process is as efficient as possible.

Experience: Prior to joining Mortgages for Business Wendy worked at the Cheshire Building Society as a team leader, where she gained her CeMap qualification.

Favourite film: Bridget Jones's Baby

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"In many years doing business I never came across someone like you in attention to detail, efficiency and customer support! I’m really impressed honestly! I really hope your career really takes off even further. Sure we will be in contact again soon" E. Estelles. Glasgow

"Thank you so much Wendy for steering us through the process. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mortgages for Business, from start to finish!" Judith McCormak

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