Capital raising for business owner to buy out partner

The client is a business owner who wanted to buy out her partner's 50% share of the ownership of three unencumbered commercial units in the north of England valued at a total of £500,000.

In addition to owning the remaining 50% share of the premises, the client operates a successful car wash business from one of the units which affords her an income of £19,000 pa.

The remaining two units are let; one to a catering company and the other to a retail business, both longstanding tenants but on short term leases of three years. The rent from the let units generates £21,500 pa which is currently paid to the business partner.

To buy out her partner, the client was looking to raise £200,000 against the units as well as using £40,000 from her own personal resources.

The client had approached a different broker but they couldn't find a lender that would accept the car wash business as security.

We contacted a specialist lender that can only be accessed by a few, select intermediaries (including Mortgages for Business), who was more than happy to provide the necessary finance.

Property value: £500,000

Loan amount: £200,000

Rate: Lender’s LIBOR + 5.25% (Lender’s LIBOR currently 0.51% but subject to a floor of 0.75%)

Term: 10 years interest only

Loan to Value: 40% LTV

Lender arrangement fee: 1.7%

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