Capital raising on unencumbered semi-commercial property valued over £1m

The client is an experienced property investor with a strong portfolio of mixed use properties in Kent.

He was looking to remortgage one of his properties to raise capital in order to expand his portfolio.

The property is a large multi-unit consisting of a convenience store on the ground floor and seven flats above.

The number of lenders we could approach were limited because:

  • The property is of high value and unencumbered – lenders are often wary when it comes to clients owning properties outright at such a high value

  • Although over £25k per annum the client’s employed annual income wasn’t sufficient to cover the monthly mortgage payments. We needed to find a lender who would be happy to take rental income into consideration

  • The property is located in a busy commercial area – lenders worry about the ease of resale if a property is located near late closing establishments

Fortunately we have direct access to an intermediary only lender who deemed the property a good risk and offered the following terms:

Property value: £1.1m

Loan amount: £700,000

LTV: 64%

Rate: 5.1% term tracker

Term: 10 years interest only

Lender arrangement fee: 1.5% (£10,500)

Mortgage payment: £3,018 pcm

Rental income: £7,959 pcm

Gross yield: 7.6% pa

Consultant:Paul Martins, 01732 471616



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