100% of build costs for newly formed limited company

100% of build costs for newly formed limited company

01.05.18 | Written by: Paul Keddy

The Clients: A recently established limited company whose directors are full-time city traders. The pair were looking to enter the property development market, with a focus on building and converting residential units for resale.

Prior to approaching Mortgages for Business, the business partners had undertaken a refurbishment project and started the development of a new build house. Both projects had been financed using cash savings.

Only half way through their first new build development, the pair had purchased another piece of land which they wished to develop on. Keen not eat into any more of their savings, the pair were now looking for finance to cover the cost of the build.

The Project: The directors had purchased a plot of land in a popular commuter village in Kent. The site forms part of a large garden to the side of a detached house. The current owners had split the garden and decided to sell part of it on.

The plan was to build a three-bed detached bungalow on the land. The bungalow would have its own access and parking and follow a similar style to neighbouring properties.

Once complete, the directors plan to sell the property to repay the development loan.

The Finance: The developers were looking for a loan to cover 100% of the build costs. The land itself had been bought outright.

The Application Process: We approached a high street lender which has offered our developer clients loans to cover 100% of the build costs in the past.

The business partners provided us with a portfolio of their previous work and planning permission for the proposed build. We worked together to package this alongside a business plan which included details of materials, landscaping, a timetable and breakdown of costs.

We accompanied the clients to meet with the lending manager to discuss the project. Happy with the plans made, the lender agreed that the project did not require an individual monitoring surveyor which helped keep down the cost of development.

After a full valuation of the land and review of the predicted costs for the project the underwriters were happy that the development would be accomplished in the allocated 18 months completion time and offered the client the full loan required.

Site value:

Before works: £165,000

After works: £475,000

Loan amount:

Build costs: £215,000

LTV: 44%

5% (Variable 4.5% plus Bank Base rate currently at 0.5%)

18 months

Lender arrangement fee:
£3150 (1.5% of loan amount and 1.5% of loan amount on exit)

Mortgage payment:
Nil pcm – interest rolled up to be paid at the end of the term (or on sale/refinance of site)

Consultant: Paul Keddy, 01732 471655


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