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  • Buy to let mortgages with no ERCs

    Think you might want to pay off your mortgage early, but don’t want to be stung with an Early Repayment Charge? Nick Helm looks at the current options available to buy to let landlords borrowing personally and via a Ltd company.

  • LIMITED EDITION 2.99% (4.6%) BTL mortgage for loans up to £3m

    Trying to borrow as much as possible? Then you may want to consider this limited edition buy to let mortgage. It’s a particularly attractive rate for basic rate tax payers looking to borrow personally and landlords borrowing via a limited company.

  • £1m+ buy to let mortgages and where to get them

    If you are a residential landlord looking for a buy to let mortgage in excess of £1m on a single property, how easy is it to find a suitable lender? Nick Helm, consultant mortgage broker, explains.

  • Top tips to speed up your mortgage application

    Stricter regulation means that lenders are looking more carefully at your mortgage application than ever before, so it makes sense to be prepared. Here are my tips on what you can do to ensure that your buy to let mortgage application isn’t held up but it’s worth noting that much of the advice stands for all types of mortgage including residential and commercial.

  • Are mortgage rates coming down?

    So Bank Rate has been cut to 0.25%. This means mortgage rates will go down too right?... wrong. Nick Helm, consultant mortgage broker explains…

  • Bridging loan with no monthly interest payments or ERCs

    If you are purchasing a property that needs light refurbishment before it can be let but don’t want to fork out for hefty monthly repayments or redemption fees there is a solution as Nick Helm, consultant mortgage broker explains…

  • Landlords doing nothing is not an option

    Many higher tax rate paying individual landlords and property investors believe that the Chancellors’ proposed tax changes will not impact their portfolios. They are wrong. Here’s why.