Mortgage Flow

The most comprehensive buy to let mortgage product sourcing tool in the UK.

Lenders do not pay to be included in on Mortgage Flow

Each lender on the system is carefully selected for its contribution to the buy to let mortgage sector. Currently the criteria and commoditised products of 36 lenders are tracked including market-leading, mainstream providers, the challenger banks and the specialists which cater for full-time landlords with more complex borrowing requirements.

Crucially, Mortgage Flow allows subscribers to track product and criteria activity on both a granular and macro level.

Why subscribe to Mortgage Flow?

Unparalleled levels of product detail - 350+ pieces of info about each product

Keep up-to-date - understand your competitors’ products and lending criteria

Criteria analysis - research criteria from borrower, property & tenant perspectives

Carve out market niches - identify business opportunities & USPs

Compare products and lenders - benchmark yourself against the competition

Export to Excel - with advanced filtering for easy analysis and external reporting

Web-based - secure log in anywhere; on your pc, your tablet or your mobile

Automatic updates - no time wasted installing new versions

Mortgage Flow has been designed and built by Mark Ryan, Head of IT. He and his team are responsible for maintaining and improving its functionality. Keeping lender and product details up to date is the responsibility of our Technical Support Manager, Amy Welland who meets regularly with lenders to ensure data is accurate and timely.

Mortgage Flow provides the information for our customer-facing products:

        - Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator and Rate Finder

        - Buy to Let for iOS and Android users


Mortgage Flow is available by invitation only. 

If you are interested please contact:

Steve Olejnik, Sales Director

Tel: 01732 471612