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Mortgages for Business publishes a wealth of research, analysis and market intelligence to help borrowers, lenders and other interested parties make informed decisions regarding property finance.

Information provided is based on data widely available in the public domain, on the experience and knowledge of our internal researchers, and on the proprietary records held by Mortgages for Business. The following information is published free of charge:

Complex Buy to Let Index

First published at the beginning of 2011, this quarterly index tracks mortgage applications transacted via Mortgages for Business. Specifically it compares property values, loan sizes, LTVs and yields across four different types of buy to let property – vanilla houses and flats, HMOs, multi-units and mixed use premises.

The index was designed to help landlords and lenders benchmark their own activities and help them understand more about market dynamics and key trends.

>> Complex Buy to Let Index

Limited Company Buy to Let Index

Published twice a year, this index tracks the availability of commoditised mortgage products for SPV limited companies offered by the mainstream buy to let lenders. Data is sourced from our transactional figures and from the products listed in Mortgage Flow, our bespoke buy to let mortgage product sourcing tool.
The index was introduced following government proposals to limit mortgage interest relief (and other finance costs) to the basic rate for higher tax rate paying individuals from 2020 (phased in from 2017). It is anticipated that the announcement will lead to an increase in demand for and availability of products for SPVs. The index will track activity in this niche sub-sector of the market.

>> Ltd Co Buy to Let Index

Buy to Let Product Index

Published monthly this index records the number of buy to let mortgage products and lenders available in the UK market. It also tracks pricing and loans to value (LTV) availability of both fixed and variable rates. It is a useful barometer for anyone looking to benchmark rates.

>> Buy to Let Product Index

Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index

Headline prices rarely tell the whole story. The overall cost for comparison is not always a reliable indicator of price because there is no one standard APR formula. Initial product periods are not included in the APR calculation and how do fees affect borrowing? The Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index addresses these concerns outlining the real costs of taking out a buy to let mortgage including the impact of fees and charges and the underlying cost of funds.

>> Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index

Property Investor Survey

Twice a year we ask investors for their views on the availability of property finance and how it affects the growth of their portfolios and any funding decisions they may take. The results are reported in aggregate and no individuals are identified. Conclusions are fed back to lenders to help them design products that meet the needs of investors.

>> Property Investor Survey

Money Markets

Updated Monday to Friday, if you need to know what’s happening in the UK money markets, this page is your one-stop shop for keeping up to date on Bank Rate, LIBOR and SWAP rates.

>> Money Markets


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