Is it difficult to get a buy-to-let mortgage in the current market? And what rates like at the moment? Can I still get a mortgage with a 25% deposit?

It depends on your individual circumstance, but in general, there are plenty of buy to let mortgage options out there with well over 1,000 products on offer, nearly a quarter of which are available to landlords borrowing via a limited company. The larger your deposit, the better the rate you can expect to receive and there are many options at 75-80% loan to value. The average five year fixed rate in April 2017 was 3.76% and the average two year fixed rate was 2.90%.

Expect to pay the lender an arrangement fee of around £1,500 – this is usually a flat fee or expressed as a percentage of the loan, typically 1-2%. In many instances this fee can be added to the mortgage.


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