Can I get a joint buy to let mortgage with a friend if we live separately?

I have been discussing with a close friend the possibility of buying a house in joint names with a view to renting it out. My friend is an interior designer and I am a gardener and handyman so we should be able to deal with any work that needs doing, both initially and on-going. We are both 26 years sold, self-employed with fluctuating salaries and we live separately. Will we be able to get a joint mortgage?

Many lenders allow multiple applicants on a buy to let mortgage, often up to four and sometimes more, so in theory it is possible that you would get a mortgage. Income from self-employment typically fluctuates so lenders like these applicants to be able to demonstrate a couple of years of trading activity in order to get a fuller picture of income and affordability. You will both need to be creditworthy too. Your best bet is to talk to a broker in detail about your situations and requirements. You can call us on 0845 345 6788 if you would like to discuss your options. 

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