I need to make changes to my property for my disabled resident. Would my buy to let lender give me a further advance?

I have a buy-to-let house and one of the tenants is partially disabled and increasingly needs to use a wheelchair. She has asked if I could make the house disabled and wheelchair friendly, such as installing a stair lift, ramp access to the house, changing the bathroom, kitchen etc. I would like to help as much as I can but I would have to borrow money to afford the necessary changes. Do you think my mortgage lender would advance me the money to do this as I have read that renovations are not allowed with buy-to-let mortgages? Would these changes to the house be classed as renovations or home improvements, which I believe are allowed with a buy-to-let mortgage? 

The type of modifications you propose to carry out on your house would be classed as home improvements so do approach your lender for a further advance as this is usually a very acceptable request. Often it is the most cost-effect way of borrowing. Lenders are less comfortable with works that significantly alter the property, for example, knocking it down and rebuilding, or converting in flats. For more information you can call one of our brokers today on 0845 345 6788

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