I have been living with my partner in his property for over 3 years, how do we go about adding me to the mortgage?

Later in the year I will be marrying my partner who already has a mortgage. We have been living with each other for three years, but now I would like to be added to the mortgage. How do we go about arranging this?

If your partner’s mortgage is still subject to early repayment charges getting yourself added to the mortgage might be the best course of action. This can be done as a standalone transaction using a solicitor who can action the “transfer of equity” but do bear in mind that the lender will want to assess your suitability and check your credit profile. Alternatively, your partner could refinance the property with you as joint applicant and the transfer of equity can be done simultaneously with the remortgage. Do get in touch if would like some help on 0345 345 6788.

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