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Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 6

Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 6 - Business bank account interview or Center Parcs?

I’m guessing you know the answer to that small conundrum.

So typically, I hit ‘send’ on my previous blog (where I basically slated the NatWest business bank account set up process) and within about five seconds my phone pinged with a text message from NatWest asking me to call them.

Now my initial response was to feel sheepish for being, perhaps, a tad harsh on them.

Then I read the text in full – they want to talk through my account requirements and to allow 45 minutes for the call.

Which begs the question, what on earth was the point in my filling out their tortuous online application? Waste of bloody time, I may as well have just gone into a branch.

Anyway, I received this message on Friday then went straight off to our annual conference and, as I can only call them between 9-5, Monday to Friday and I have been in Center Parcs in Woburn this week (fabulous place, no phone signal), we have made zero progress on the bank account front.

I have to say, I have been so utterly underwhelmed with the process, and actually disappointed that the process has been as pants as I thought it would be…

Perhaps when I get around to phoning them they will tell me that they are doing a Christmas special for new account holders and are giving away a whole family of Nathaniel pigs…

If this happens I am of course willing to retract every negative comment I have made about them. Fickle? C’est moi.

However, Paragon is being the antithesis of NatWest.

My valuation was instructed on Monday and happened today. I will admit it, I am impressed with the speed at which this is all happening.

Assuming the survey comes back in without any issues, I could well have a mortgage offer out early next week.

Except I haven’t sent in the direct debit mandate as I don’t yet have a bank account.

So I most definitely won’t be getting a mortgage offer next week. No fault of Paragon (yes, NatWest, I am however pointing the finger of accusation at you).

The legals are, I believe, progressing nicely. My solicitor has written to the vendor’s solicitor so I guess they are doing their initial legal thing now…

Which reminds me, I need to send my solicitor £500.

Happy Christmas and all that... I am off to throw myself down a water filled tunnel whilst sitting on a massive rubber ring (which is almost a treat after all the bike riding I have been doing ;))


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