Attention all landlords with a buy to let mortgage from BM Solutions

Is your initial rate period about to finish or are you already paying the BM Solutions' SVR of 4.84%? Are you struggling to remortgage because your rental income no longer meets lenders' stricter stress test calculation?

If you answered YES to either or both of these questions please call us ASAP to discuss switching to a better rate. Call 0345 345 6788 now.

Switching is quick and easy and you could be on a better rate in a couple of days, potentially saving you £££s.

Crucially, there is no underwriting involved which is great because:

• Saves time and money.
• No legal fees.
• If your rental income doesn't meet the new industry standard Rent to Interest calculation of 125% @ 5% you may not get another opportunity to remortgage.
• Some switchers may also qualify for a free valuation.

Still not convinced? Here's an example of how switching could save you money:

If you have a mortgage of £150k on which you are currently paying BM Solutions Standard Variable Rate of 4.84%. Assuming that this rate stays the same, over the next two years you would pay £14,520 interest.

However, if you switched to say, the BM Solutions 2 year fixed rate of 3.29% (4.9% APR) at 60% LTV plus lender arrangement fee of £999, over the two years you would pay £10,869 interest including the fee.

That's a massive saving of £3,651 over two years.

There are plenty of other buy to mortgages from BM Solutions with LTVs available up to 75%, so give us a call now to find a rate that works best for you. And let’s get switching…


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