Shawbrook reviews approach to larger commercial mortgages

Due to an increase in lending on loans over £750k, Shawbrook Bank’s commercial mortgage division has reviewed in-house policy so that lending managers now oversee big ticket loans worth over £1.25m.

The commercial mortgages division will hold management team sessions twice a day from the outset of larger deals, and will provide the bank’s senior credit team with regular updates in a bid to provide additional support in this area.

Karen Bennett, sales and marketing director at Shawbrook Bank said:

“Within the Commercial Mortgages team we are committed to writing business across our entire range, and have been pleased to see the recent increase in our lending on loans over £750k.

“A significant proportion of Shawbrook Commercial Mortgage business is on loans valued over £750,000, across both short-term and term mortgages.

“Therefore, we are very keen to ensure that we are recognised for the same level of service and delivery on these larger transactions, as we are for loans under £750,000.”


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