How to tell if you are paying too much for your mortgage in 4 easy steps

Currently on the lender’s reversion rate? Coming to the end of a specific fixed or variable rate? Simply want to know quickly if you could reduce your monthly mortgage payment? Read on…

How long ago did you review the mortgage on your home?  If your days are flying by like mine, then I’m guessing researching mortgage products isn’t top of your priority list, but you could be missing the chance to make big savings.

Unsure? That’s where we come in! As brokers, it is our job to ensure we know exactly what mortgage products are available in the market and which lenders match the individual needs of our clients.

Here at Mortgages for Business we offer a FREE OF CHARGE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION review service.

With rates at an all-time low and with the uncertainty around exactly when Bank Rate (and therefore mortgage rates) will rise, perhaps now is the time to take advantage of the competitive deals on offer?

For example, did you know that at present there is a 0.99% (4.3% APRC) 2 year fixed rate* on the market? Sounds impressive right?

Simply provide us with the following:

  1. Details of your current mortgage (ideally latest statement showing lender, balance, early repayment charges if any)
  2. Details of all sources of income (employed/self-employed/benefits/pensions/investments)
  3. Anticipated value or price of your home
  4. Required loan amount (including purpose if raising capital)

We will review your circumstances and existing mortgage terms to determine if we could get you a better deal that saves you money! No catch… it really is as simple as that. No fee is payable for this service.

If you choose to take the next step; however, and get an Agreement in Principle we’ll explain all fees clearly up front. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you’re unsure.

Want to discuss? You can call me on 01732 471668 or email me at

We also offer a similar service for buy to let property portfolios. More details of which can be found here.  




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