Updates from Foundation and BM Solutions

Foundation Home Loans launched four new buy to let products this week, two for individual purchasers and two for limited company applicants. Interest rates are fixed for five years from July on all of them.

A Standard Plus Exclusive BTL loan, at 65% loan to value, can be had at a rate of 3.34%, fixed to 31st July 2023. For limited companies, the new LLC Standard Plus Exclusive BTL product, also at 65% LTV and fixed for five years from July, carries the same rate. Both products apply to loans of up to £1m.

Meanwhile the new Standard Plus BTL product, at 75% LTV, carries an interest rate of 3.54%, fixed to the end of July 2023, as does the matching product for limited companies. Both apply to loans of up to £500,000.

This week also saw BM Solutions refresh its product range. Rates have been reduced by up to 0.12% on selected buy to let and let to buy remortgage, two-, three- and five-year fixed and tracker products.

The £500 cashback campaign has been replaced by a £300 cashback offer.


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