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Five Reasons to Complete a Property Portfolio Review

Five Reasons to Complete a Property Portfolio Review

What is a Property Portfolio Review, and why should having one be a landlord’s priority? Read our top five reasons below for completing a Property Portfolio Review.


What is a Property Portfolio Review?

Simply put, a Property Portfolio Review is a vital health check for your property investments and finances. It’s an excellent opportunity to review your current mortgage products to see if you could potentially maximise your cashflow and rental profits with a new rate.

Once you’ve sent us a completed portfolio spreadsheet, your broker will take the time to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with your property finance plans, whether that’s to fund further investments or reduce your monthly repayments. Whatever your goals, there are many reasons why having an expert broker assess your current portfolio may benefit you. So, whether you have four or 100+ investment properties, here are the top five reasons to complete a property portfolio review:


1. See where you could be saving money

One of the main advantages of conducting a Property Portfolio Review is identifying ways to save you money. For example, it may be more cost-effective to consolidate your debts with a portfolio loan as opposed to having multiple mortgage products with different lenders. A portfolio review reassures you that your finances are in order and allows you to plan to ensure your portfolio continues performing to its full potential.


2. Capital raise for further investments

If you hope to expand your current property portfolio, a review allows you to identify how to fund these new investments. For example, you may have an equity-rich property that you can leverage to fund a new purchase. Rather than using cash savings, many landlords prefer building up sufficient equity in their properties to diversify and expand their property investment portfolios.


3. Fix more competitive mortgage rates

If you are approaching the end of your current fixed-rate term, or if you're ready to remortgage, a whole-of-market broker can search all available products to find the right deal for your circumstances. Choosing to complete a Property Portfolio Review means your broker can check each of your current mortgage rates is still the best deal for you to be on.

For example, if you are on a tracker or variable deal, your broker may be able to secure you a more competitive fixed-rate product that reduces your monthly repayments significantly.

Don’t forget that your broker may be able to secure you a rate up to six months in advance, meaning you benefit from today’s pricing and mitigate any unexpected future rate rises. Most (although not all) lenders will allow you to switch to a more competitive product should one become available before you complete.


4. Restructure your portfolio for possible tax savings

A Portfolio Review helps to ensure you have the most cost-efficient portfolio possible for your circumstances. By liaising with an expert broker and professional tax advisor, you may be able to alter the ownership structure of your property portfolio to make it more tax-efficient. For example, you might be able to reduce your tax bill by setting up a Limited Company for future property investments or incorporating your existing properties. Some landlords benefit from paying corporation tax instead of higher-rate income tax by investing through a Limited Company. However, many factors will impact whether this is the best investment route for your portfolio. Please seek professional tax advice before making any property investment decisions. 


5. Invaluable advice from an expert broker

Finally, the most important reason to have a Property Portfolio Review is the invaluable advice you receive from your broker. Their experience and expert insight into the mortgage market will help you find innovative ways to improve your current portfolio and maximise your profits.

Your broker’s expertise will help save you time and money on your property investments. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to property finance, so a Property Portfolio Review is an excellent opportunity for your broker to identify where you could be saving as well as the best property finance plans for funding future investments. With a whole-of-market broker, you can be confident that you’re securing the best new rate for your portfolio, as they can search all deals available to you. Your broker can also cost up whether it’s best for you to take a fixed or variable mortgage product, or even purchase using a Limited Company or in your personal name.

The tailored advice and support you can access from completing a Property Portfolio Review will be invaluable to your property finance plans. It will give you confidence going forward and allow your broker to have a thorough understanding of your needs and background portfolio.

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