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Buy to let mortgage fees

When taking out a buy to let mortgage or remortgaging your existing residential investment property you will incur a variety of fees. Buy to let mortgage fees tend to be higher than those you would incur with standard residential mortgages, so it is important that you understand the application process and what you are paying for.

Application Fee

This is payable to Mortgages for Business who, in turn, pay the surveyor for the actual property valuation which is required by the buy to let mortgage lender. Please note that a copy of this valuation is normally only sent to the buy to let mortgage lender. The application fee must be paid before the valuation can be instructed. Up to £100 of the application fee may be retained by Mortgages for Business to cover processing costs and you will be informed if this is the case.

Booking Fee

Some buy to let mortgage lenders charge a booking fee for securing a particular buy to let mortgage rate. This fee is usually found on fixed rate buy to let mortgage products. The booking fee must be paid upon submission of the buy to let mortgage application.

Broker Fee

At Mortgages for Business we do not charge clients for initial advice. Our standard broker fee is £597 if we are able to get you an acceptable, formal mortgage offer from a lender. We will keep any commission payments made by the lender.

Alternatively, we will rebate to you any commission paid by the lender to us and charge you a broker fee of typically 1% of the total loan amount (exact percentage will depend upon the size and complexity of the mortgage application).

To discuss our broker fees in more detail please speak to one of our consultants on 0345 345 6788. We have a duty to be transparent, so if there is anything you don't understand, or which requires clarification, please ask.

Legal Fees

Legal fees are payable to the solicitor for conveyancing of the property and include things like searches and registration with the Land Registry. The buy to let mortgage lender will normally use the same solicitor as the customer (the practice must have two or more partners). All legal fees are payable by the borrower including disbursements, as and when required by the solicitors.

Lender Arrangement Fee

This is payable by the borrower to the buy to let mortgage lender at or before completion of the mortgage. Usually it is either added or subtracted from the loan but borrowers can pay it separately.

Telegraphic Transfer Fees

These fees are for transferring money and may be charged by the lender and/or the solicitor.

Valuation Fee

This is payable to the surveyor who carries out the property valuation which is required by the lender and must be paid up front. How much pay will depend upon the value of the property and is usually calculated on a sliding scale.

N.B. We accept payments by debit and credit cards. Please note we are unable to accept American Express cards.


Applying for a buy to let mortgage

Applying for a buy to let mortgage through a mortgage broker helps to relieve some of the stress. Of course, we can help answer any questions along the way and the majority of our buy to let lenders accept our simplified, bespoke form. So, whichever mortgage product you wish to use for funding your buy to let property, simply download this form now. You can fill it in online and email it over to us, or print it out and put it in the post.

Buy to Let Mortgage Application Form

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Pre-paid envelope – Wilmslow

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