Residential mortgage for company director

Our client trades through a limited company which he owns 100%, established just under three years ago and thus, only had two years’ worth of accounts.

He paid himself a salary of £7k pa and took a dividend of £20k in each of the last accounting years. However, the company’s net profit was £120k in the most recent year and £105k in the previous year. We were able to place a mortgage based on his salary plus share of net profit rather than the usual salary and dividend structure which enabled him to borrow £580k (unlike the £135k he would have been limited to ordinarily).

Here are the details of the deal:

Property value: £967,000

Loan amount: £580,000

Rate: 2.29% 2 year fixed

Term: 25 years repayment

LTV: 60%

Lender arrangement fee: £995

Completion date: March 2014

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