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Buy to let investors pushed to concentrate on UK

Investors are advised to focus on UK regions despite potential growth in overseas ‘hotspots’

According to the 2015 Property Predictions Report by top agency Property Frontiers, demand will be strong in cities such as Oxford, Liverpool and Manchester as well as in Northern Ireland as a whole.

Investors would be wise to consider these areas when building their portfolios and could secure stronger yields from property investments in these areas.

The advice comes as certain locations abroad anticipate strong growth with Dublin, Barcelona, New York and some African cities all expecting a property boost. However, the findings of Property Frontiers’ report suggest demand for buy to let in the UK could exceed them all.

Predictions for a strong UK market

Ray Withers, Chief Executive of the agency, said that although there are many “interesting” opportunities for property investment internationally, the UK is offering the most positive environment for investors.

He said there has been a trend in which more property investors have turned to the UK, with Britain’s buy to let property one of the “investment highlights” of last year and set to be even stronger throughout 2015.

“This asset class is perfect for investors with varying sums of capital, thanks to the range of properties and locations available,” Withers continued.

“It means that buy to let investment properties have attracted everyone from investors with just that one property in their portfolio to large-scale buyers with an array of homes.”

He also noted that, globally, safe haven markets will maintain their investment from emerging markets, whilst New York will remain a chief beneficiary in the States as the US market continues to grow.

The report shows that a number of the bargains seen in recent years have now disappeared, although medium-term prospects for growth in yields and prices seems positive.

Price movements are starting to become positive in areas like Barcelona and this year could be a great time to pick up good value properties in major Eurozone cities. Dublin is also recovering at the top end and for those happy to invest in the Euro, these cities are two of the best bets for 2015.

However, having assessed the global horizon, Property Frontiers claims it has its sights set firmly on home turf where supply constraints will likely boost rental demand for some time to come.

See where, according to recent articles,  the hotspots in the UK are for Buy to Let properties according to both Simon Whittaker - Investors from London buying northern properties, and another article from Jeni - Buy to let yields higher in the north.





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