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A buy to let refurb product that will save you £££s

Need to carry out work to a property before it can be let, but don’t want to pay valuation and legal fees for both the bridging finance and the subsequent buy to let mortgage? We have a solution…

‘Tis a week of innovation in the buy to let world… not only do we have a new option for landlords looking to purchase Airbnbs, but also a new refurb product.

A refurb product with a difference.

For those more seasoned investors, you will know that if you want to purchase a buy to let which isn’t immediately lettable based on its condition you will need to purchase it via a bridging loan. Once the works are complete you can then refinance onto a traditional buy to let mortgage.

Whilst this works, the costs involved can be punitive – double the valuation fees, double the legal costs and double the arrangement fees. Combined with the possibility of not being able to remortgage once the works are complete, it is no surprise that many people are put off. For those with whom this resonates, this one is for you…

Okay this this is still very much like the traditional bridge to buy to let method, however there is one big difference. The whole process is carried out with one lender and the remortgage element is pre-underwritten. This means you save on fees and unless you make a total mess of the refurb you shouldn’t run into any issues with the refinance. Ideal for:

  • Properties needing refurb works to meet the minimum EPC rating

  • Properties bought at auction

  • Landlords looking to refurbish to maximise rental yields

What you need to know:


  • Both parts are underwritten at the very beginning, so you can relax knowing you have an exit lined up

  • One valuation fee which covers the initial valuation and reinspection once the works are complete

  • No ERC payable when moving over to the buy to let mortgage, so you can exit as soon as you are ready

  • There is no second round of conveyancing work – a big saving when it comes to fees

  • Maximum initial term of 12 months

  • Available to both individuals and Ltd Cos

Sound of interest? This particular offer is only available by a select panel of brokers. If you would like more information on rates and terms please get in touch.

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