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Why Use a Broker for Buy to Let Investment?

Why Use a Broker for Buy to Let Investment?

An unnecessary additional cost or a stress, time and money-saving service? Here’s why you should use a buy to let mortgage broker for all your investment finance needs.

Save Time and Money
We have access to nearly 50 buy to let lenders and almost 2,000 buy to let mortgage options for individuals and limited companies; that’s a lot of research time to find the right lender with the most cost-efficient mortgage rate for your individual circumstances.

Knowing which lenders accept who and what is our day job! We can quickly create a shortlist based on some basic information and then help you decide which buy to let mortgage is the right one for you. Remember, the headline rate isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective option over the term of the mortgage. We can easily calculate all these long-term costs for you to consider, ensureing you make fully informed property finance decisions.

Broker-Only Lenders
As a borrower, you don’t have access to the whole buy to let lender market. We do. To be absolutely certain you are getting the most cost-effective mortgage for your requirements and maximising your yields, you need to compare all the options.

If you have complex circumstances, we have access to many lenders more accustomed to underwriting for such cases. Using a broker can be the difference between securing the finance you need, and not.

The Right Buy to Let Lender, First Time
Not only is completing buy to let mortgage applications very time consuming, but lenders often charge an application fee to cover the administrative cost of assessing your case. If they reject your application, that is, unfortunately, wasted time and money!

By using a broker, you can rely on our expertise and thorough research to ensure that, unexpected complications aside, your application will go to the right lender the first time. Not only will this potentially save you money in application fees, but it’ll speed up your whole mortgage application process.

Challenging Cases
Every borrower has individual and unique circumstances. Not everyone can be a textbook buy to let landlord, because that simply doesn’t exist! There are a multitude of complexities that can impact a buy to let mortgage application, and often these can preclude you from high street lender criteria.

Using a broker means you’re drawing on their extensive experience of dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of cases. This experience gives us the knowledge needed to place challenging applications successfully. Sometimes it’s just a matter of placing you with a very specialist lender; alternatively, we can pitch your case, highlighting all its strengths, directly to a lender to help them fully understand the situation. Knowing exactly what lenders look for and consider is half the battle, and as a broker, we speak ‘lender language’, giving your case a fighting chance.

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Post-Mortgage Offer Support
Here at Mortgages for Business, your broker doesn’t just disappear once we’ve secured you a mortgage offer; our team support your buy to let mortgage application right through to completion.

Sometimes, tricky legal queries arise during conveyancing, and lenders may have additional questions or need more supporting evidence. We use our knowledge and experience to help all parties reach an agreement that means you still get the finance you need.

We also ensure that your application moves along at the pace it should, updating you with its progress regularly. Landlords are busy people, and you don’t have time to be calling lenders, solicitors and estate agents for updates on your mortgage application, so we do it for you! This means that should any problems arise, they’re addressed and dealt with quickly, minimising delays to completion.

Long-Term Working Relationships
Lives are busy, and sometimes keeping tabs on when your buy to let properties are due for remortgage slips the mind! We don’t want you to inadvertently roll onto your lender’s standard variable rate (SVR), as it’s usually more expensive for you! So when your interest rate term is coming to an end, we’ll get in touch and see how and where we can save you money across your buy to let portfolio. As you can secure a new rate up to six months in advance, we can arrange everything to start immediately after your existing product elapses ahead of time. Stress-free and seamless!

No matter the size of your buy to let investment plans, we’re always here to provide advice and find solutions. Want to purchase another property but don’t have a full deposit? Let’s look at where in your portfolio you could release equity. One of your buy to lets needs a facelift? We’ll find the best way to raise funds for the refurbishment.

Hopefully, you can see the enormous benefits that using a buy to let broker brings to the whole mortgage application and property investment process. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our services further, please contact our expert team on 0345 345 6788 or email