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If you can't place deals directly with the specialist buy to let lenders, let Mortgages for Business do it for you. We're on all the direct access panels and we'll work with you to get your cases placed successfully.

How we can help...

  • Experts in placing complex buy to let deals
  • Direct access to all specialist lenders
  • Good commission and no up-front fees

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Req Rent
Lender Fee
Int Only
Cap & Int
Reversion Rate
2.49% 5.0% Fixed 1 year to 30/06/2020. £150,000 £389 £1,999 £315 £805 75% 5.10% (SVR). Quote
2.59% 5.0% Fixed 1 year to 30/06/2020. £150,000 £405 £1,999 £328 £812 75% 5.10% (SVR). Quote
2.79% 4.9% Fixed 1 year to 30/06/2020. £150,000 £436 £0 £348 £816 75% 5.10% (SVR). Quote
2.87% 4.8% Fixed 5 years to 31/12/2023. £150,000 £502 £3,000 £365 £839 75% 5.39% (SVR). Quote
2.89% 5.4% Fixed 2 years to 30/09/2020. £150,000 £781 £1,500 £364 £832 75% 5.56% (LIBOR + 4.75%). Quote

Some of our lenders

  • Dragonfly
  • Landbay
  • Foundation Home Loans
  • Paragon
  • Secure Trust

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What is classed as a complex buy to let case?

 A complex buy to let mortgage case is any application that isn’t classed as vanilla or standard buy to let and can't be placed with the mainstream buy to let lenders. Complex cases usually fall outside of the lending criteria of the mainstream lenders and need placing with the specialists who operate via restricted panels.


Why can’t I access these lenders directly?

These specialist lenders only allow a selection of brokers to join their panels to control the flow and quality of submissions. Mortgages for Business has taken time to develop strong relationships with these lenders and is currently the only broker on all the panels.


We can help with:

• Loans up to 85% LTV

• HMOs and student lets

• Multi-units

• Ltd company and LLP applications (SPVs and trading businesses)

• Non-standard construction

• Experienced landlords with no limit on the portfolio size

• Some adverse credit

• First time landlords

• Ex-pats

• New build properties up to 85%

• Rental income stress test from 110%

• Holiday lets

• Recently refurbished properties and remortgages within six months of purchase

• Light to medium refurbishment loans

• Short and medium term loans (3-18 months, 3-5 years)

• Flats above offices and shops

• No minimum income requirements

• Employed or self-employed applicants

• First time buyers

• Foreign nationals

• Short and medium term loans (1-18 months, 3-5 years)



As with any buy to let mortgage application, your client will have to pay all the associated fees. However, in most cases, we will not charge your client a broker fee - that's for your to do. And of course, if that's not the case, we will let you know up front. Remember, your client remains your client.



We pay brokers commission up to 1% of the loan amount. The actual amount varies from lender to lender. For details of what we currently pay, please contact the Deal Placement Team on 0345 148 9238 or send us a request via email. In order to receive commission, you must be registered with us - see below for a Broker Registration Form.

Once we have been paid you will get paid. We have payment runs twice a month, so you'll never be kept waiting once a case has fully completed.


What should I do now?

If you would like to place cases through Mortgages for Business you will need to register with us first. To register please contact our Deal Placement Team on 0345 148 9238 for more details.

>> Download our Broker Registration Form

If you are already registered with us call 0345 148 9238 to place that case!

>> Download our Buy to Let Application Form (This document is an interactive PDF. To complete, download it first then fill it in using your PDF viewer and save it with your details.)

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