Commercial mortgages

Find out if you can save money, release equity or borrow more

If your commitment facility is approaching its end, now is the time to consider and review your financing arrangements. That’s where we come in! Need to borrow more? We can help with that too. We can look at your existing deal and, depending on your circumstances, steer you towards an appropriate solution.

Even if, ultimately, you decide to stick with your current lender, you have nothing to lose by asking us to find out if we can get you a better deal including:

Better terms – which lender’s borrowing criteria best suits your requirements? Don’t assume that your current lender is best. They may have updated their policies since you first took out a mortgage with them and you could find that they no longer have the same lending appetite for the sector your business operates in as before.

Save money in the long run – despite the upfront fees and charges associated with taking out finance with a different lender, you might find that, in the long run, you actually save money. We’ll do the maths and present you with the various options so that you can take an informed decision.

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